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Do you enjoy making a space look appealing? Do you have a knack for working with paints, patterns, and textiles? Do your friends and family members always seem to be asking you to help them decorate a particular room in their house? If so, then a career as an interior decorator may be just the perfect path for you to travel. In your capacity as an interior decorator you will not only decorate a client’s home, you will also have to advise your clients on specific aesthetic changes that they can make to their home. You may work with your clients regarding window treatments, furnishings, paint colors, flooring, and surface materials.

As an interior decorator it will not be necessary for you to become certified; should you decide to seek certification you will need to complete courses in order to advance to an interior designer. In order to become a certified interior designer it will be necessary for you to take courses related to business and sales, advertising, color design and lighting, accounting, and space planning. While some interior decorators choose to be self-employed, others choose to work for decorating agencies or home furnishing stores. Regardless of which venue you choose to work in, it will be important that you keep up with current trends and that you reach out to clients to offer your services. Research any of the interior design schools listed below.

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As you prepare yourself to begin working as an interior decorator it is important to understand that while you do not have to have formal training or certification, some level of training will surely help your chances of success. It is common for aspiring interior decorators to do their own research regarding topics of interior decorating, as well as to complete classes related to this through an online learning format or through a local community college. You may even want to check into vocational education schools to see what courses they offer for individuals interested in interior decorating.

As you begin practicing your talents in this area you will want to be sure you keep a portfolio that documents your abilities. This will be a great tool for you to have on hand when you try to land future decorating jobs. Take a few minutes, peruse any of the school sites listed on our website, and request that they send you an information packet relative to your intended field of study. This will allow you to make an informed decision about your educational endeavors.

It is common for interior decorators to advance into a career as an interior designer. Other popular professional choices related to this degree program are to become a higher level interior decorator or interior designer. S

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