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Are you artistically gifted? Do you prefer to create your art on the computer screen as opposed to creating it with pen and paper? Have you considered pursuing a career in graphic design? If you said yes to each of these questions, then keep reading to get a taste of what this career path may have to offer you. Graphic designers use what they know about graphic design software to create visual art materials for films, packaging, promotions, advertisements, CD-ROMS, and websites. Sometimes this material will be for the purpose of attracting an audience, while other times it will be to inform or instruct a particular group of people. You will be responsible for designing and arranging graphic images, sounds, animations, videos, and texts into one consolidated, seamless multimedia program. Keep in mind, this industry is a fast-paced, ever-changing world so it will be critical that you can stay abreast of any changes that occur, as well as new software that is introduced for graphic designers to use.

Graphic Design Degree Programs

In order to work as a graphic designer you must have some level of formal training; colleges and universities typically offer an associate’s degree, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and a graduate degree program in graphic design. Regardless of which degree program you decide to pursue, you will be learning about how visual communications are based on aesthetic principles and fundamentals. Keep in mind, the more advanced level degree program you pursue, the more extensively you will delve into the skills and knowledge of graphic design. As you begin the coursework for your degree program you will first be required to complete an introduction to graphic design course; this class will teach you about the hardware and software that you will be using to work in the field of graphic design.

While your specific coursework will vary some depending upon the college you choose to attend and the degree program you pursue, you should expect to take classes related to digital design, visual arts, typography, business management, applied design, and graphic design for corporate clients. Take a moment and view any of the schools you see listed on our site. If you see one that interests you, let them know and they will send you a free information packet relative to your intended career path.

Other popular career options relative to your degree as a graphic designer are to become a design director, a design engineer, an interface design director, a media design manager, or a package design manager. While the responsibilities will vary slightly for these common career choices, you would still be using what you know about design to produce an end product. If you are serious about your new career then choose the top school to get your graphic design degree from.

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