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Are you intrigued by video games? Instead of simply playing them do you notice the many components that go into the creation of a video game? Is it your ultimate dream to have a career in the video gaming industry? If this sounds like you were just described, then keep reading to learn what you will need to know about this exciting career path. In order to become a video game artist or designer you will need to possess both technical skills and artistic skills. In addition, in your work you will likely be responsible for only a portion of the final video game product.

For instance, there are individuals who will work on the game’s backgrounds, characters, movements, and props before it is ever presented to the video game directors for approval and feedback. In this profession, it will be very important that you can consistently channel your creative juices in order to create different end products for different clients. Keep in mind, this industry will likely require you to work long hours in what can often be a stressful environment; your artwork will be completed through the use of media software and computer programming. Search schools below that offer game design degrees.

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It is common for individuals who want to work in game art and design to pursue a bachelor’s degree program. The coursework in this degree program will teach you how to create a character and how to implement the character appropriately. You will also learn how to work with objects or other effects that may be found within a video game. Your coursework will be designed in such a way that you learn how to apply art techniques and animation techniques in order to generate effective designs for specific audiences. It is common for bachelor’s degree programs in this field of study to offer areas of concentration for their students, such as practical design, design theory, storytelling, or design integration.

You should expect to be required to complete a portfolio that will showcase your talents and abilities to potential employers. In today’s society it may even be possible for you to pursue this degree program through an online learning format. Before you gain admittance into a bachelor’s program in this field, you should expect to be required to submit samples of your artwork. Of course, you must have also completed your high school requirements before you can begin working on your post-secondary degree. Feel free to take a look at any of the schools listed on our site; they will be glad to send you an information packet showing what they have to offer you.

Similar occupations that you would be able to pursue are animators, graphic designers, or cartoonists. Each of these professions would allow you to use your artistic abilities in a technology based medium. Research game design career information below from any of the colleges.

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