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Associate's Degree in Game Art Design

Education Requirements for Game Design

For many years, users have been fascinated with the almost infinite capabilities of computers. Since computers have become mainstays in both homes and businesses, demand in the job market for computer-savvy workers has grown, and graphic and multimedia artists are no exception. Both disciplines are integral parts of the computer industry, and it’s no surprise that their respective programs of study in colleges and graduate schools have grown in popularity. Let’s have a look at each field and see what they have to offer. Graphic design refers to the visual representation of objects or layouts, and if you’ve ever read a magazine or visited a website, then you’ve seen the fruits of graphic design. Graphic designers manipulate and combine images to create engaging artwork that can be used on t-shirts, packaging, and any other object on which things can be printed. Additionally, graphic designers can find work in a variety of fields, including advertising, web design, desktop publishing, and many others.

Graphic designers can find jobs with as little as an associate degree, although a bachelor’s degree is preferred for most positions and will maximize the creative input that one will have at his or her job. It is advised that aspiring graphic designers take advantage of any internship opportunities that they can, and they should also build a portfolio so that they have something to show to prospective employers. Of course, with the rapid pace of technological development, jobs in graphic design are expected to grow, but the field remains competitive. Still, some might find it comforting to know that their field of choice is thriving and will continue to do so for years to come. If you are serious about your education and need to find game design school in your area check out our new zip search to find schools close to home or work.

Game Design Education Information

The term “multimedia” refers to media that is constructed using a variety of content forms, including text, still images, audio, video, and more. Although multimedia can be viewed in a live setting, it is more closely associated with its applications on computer systems. Among the uses of multimedia include education (computer-based training programs), engineering (used in computer simulations), and even medicine (virtual surgeries as a teaching tool for budding doctors). As with graphic design, careers in multimedia look promising due to the constant evolution of technology, and various career opportunities exist within the field. Multimedia artists can work as game designers, animators, or art directors, but they can also find homes in various corporations or government organizations. A degree in art or design would provide an excellent jump start to those looking to work in the field of multimedia. Multimedia students, like graphic students, are advised to build an extensive portfolio, which can increase one’s chances of landing a job since it gives him or her something to show to various companies and allows one to “shop” him or herself around. A career in either of these disciplines would be exciting and rewarding for anyone who enjoys design, and the positive outlook makes it a wise choice. So, if you have an affinity for computers and the fine arts, they might be things to consider.


Video Game Art Design Program Levels