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Furniture Design Education

Furniture Design Training Courses

Is it your ultimate career goal to be a furniture designer? Are you not really sure why this is your dream job, but you can’t imagine yourself doing anything else? A furniture designer works to create unique pieces of furniture for public and private spaces. Typically, it will be important that your designed pieces combine function, beauty, and comfort. It is quite common for furniture designers to create pieces that dictate a specific time period in history or a unique style of design. Depending on your employment situation, you may be required to design an entire furniture line for a retail store or you may create pieces specific to a customer’s request. In this profession it will be important that you are well educated on the different types of wood that can be used in different furniture projects. Of course, it will be important for you to produce sound pieces of furniture so that your reputation will continue to grow in a positive manner.

Furniture Making Training

In order to become a furniture designer you will likely want to pursue an undergraduate degree program. It is common for furniture designers to obtain their degree in areas such as commercial design or industrial design. You should expect your coursework to teach you about design, manufacturing methods, sketching, and computer aided designs. You may also be required to complete general education courses such as psychology, sciences, mathematics, and anthropology. It will also be important that you learn about how furniture was created during specific time periods so that you can create replicates should a client request that. Depending upon your choice of learning institution you may also be expected to complete an internship. Many furniture designers choose to further their level of educational degree. For instance, a master’s degree program will allow you the opportunity to concentrate on one specific furniture design. Feel free to research any of the schools you see on the site and they will promptly send you an information packet regarding your educational interests. With a formal degree and training related to furniture design it would also be possible for you to work as an interior designer or an upholsterer. Keep in mind, depending upon the venue that you decide to work in you may find yourself handling more than one job title. For instance, if you own your own furniture business you may also take on reupholstering jobs in order to maintain a steady flow of income. See what programs the furniture making schools below have to offer. Choose from a certificate, associates or bachelor’s degree program.


Furniture Design Program Levels