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Furniture Design Certificate Training

Become a Furniture Designer

Craft is not dead; it’s just not on MTV. But then again, television is rife with home improvement shows, woodworking shows and other shows that feature those skilled in furniture and cabinet making, which is also one of the oldest professions in the book. This field requires true devotion to complete the art that it is. However, the rewards are rich. There is no required training to enter the field. Nevertheless, you obviously are not going to have the ability to get started without basic skills and training in the area. If you are serious about becoming a furniture designer then keep reading. Most community colleges offer hands-on degree, (yes, degree) level programs. There are quite a lot of education-oriented options involved in this career field. Additionally, there are an increasing number of online-only options, which incidentally can help get you started. The types of degrees offered are usually one-year, certificate programs, two-year associate programs and self-paced, on-line vocational training programs. While rarer, the full-time degree programs are available at many colleges. The degree you will be pursuing is either, cabinetmaking and Millwork Associate in Science degree or an associate of applied science, depending, of course, where you actually take these courses-as all will be different with the requirements. We recommend you find a cabinet making school near you by searching below since these types are programs are hard to find online.

Many individuals working full-time for a contractor or manufacturer are actively seeking "side-work", weekend projects that help them build a trade practice of their own. This can, if you have a reputation for quality and style, be a very lucrative career choice. Even more importantly, as with any true craft, the driving factor behind your career will be the satisfaction you derive from seeing your hands fashion what your eye sees. The Unites States Bureau of Labor estimates that employment growth will pace the national average. They cite the primary driver as being the general expansion of the population and the economy. But the popularity of this craft over the last 10 years or so is bound to have an impact. Additionally, recent years have seen a reduction in the number of individuals entering the field as salaries for other professions have outpaced this one. That means that available positions are going unfilled which is the reason that the U.S. BLS classes employment outlook as excellent. As the economy shifts there will be a transition to higher quality, unique products to replace the dearth of factory-made ones. In many professions, the retirement of the "baby-boomers" will both free up positions as individuals opt for retirement and drive demand for custom work of this type.


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