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If you have a love for fabrics and enjoy exploring how different fabrics make clothing and accessories look, then a career in fashion designing may be just the perfect career path for you. Fashion designers spend their days designing and developing clothing and accessories. In this occupation it will be important that you are well-versed and educated in the common practices, techniques, and concepts that are used on a daily basis in this career field. It is common for fashion designers to work under the direct supervision of a manager; ideally this manager will help facilitate your creative processes and help them come to life. Keep in mind, the majority of fashion designers work for mass market manufacturers designing specific pieces of clothing. In this career field it is important that you have a keen sense of style and can pay attention to detail so that you can stand out against the fierce competition. Find that perfect fashion design school below!

Fashion Design Programs

Some fashion designers choose to obtain their associate of arts degree, while others pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree program in fashion design. While it is important to gain a solid foundational knowledge of fashion design aspects, it is equally important to learn about the aspects of the business side of the fashion industry. For instance, you will be well served to complete courses related to finance, marketing, and business. In addition, your coursework will help you obtain a solid understanding of a variety of applicable software that will be used in this industry.

Depending upon the learning institution you choose to attend you may also be required to complete an internship. This will give you the opportunity to showcase the abilities you have in fashion designing. In this industry, your portfolio is likely to be your biggest asset. This will allow you the chance to show potential employers your designs and how your designs have improved through your degree program. If you would like, take a moment and research any of the schools that you find listed on our site. Any schools that interest you will be more than happy to send you an information packet that will demonstrate what they have to offer potential students.

It is common for individuals who are interested in fashion design to also pursue career paths in window dressing, jewelers, interior designers, artists or floral designers. While each of these common professions will require you to use your artistic design abilities, it is of course in different capacities. For instance, while a floral designer will be using what he or she knows about balance and color to design stunning floral bouquets, an interior designer will be using what he or she knows about layering and patterns to create welcoming spaces. Research any of the fashion degree programs below. Any of the colleges will be able to answer any and all your enrollment questions or questions regarding this exciting career.

Fashion Design Schools

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