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Fashion has been around since before the medieval times and wasn’t only women, but also men who loved to look their best and be in on the latest trends. Nobles tried to outdo their neighbors and often pushed forward new fashions and designs. The garments cast out as no longer being the latest fad found their way to the lower classes. Get started today and research the dressmaking classes we have listed below. Of course, that was then and this is now, but the idea remains the same: the best can influence design and that could be you. To become an influence on fashion take dressmaking courses today!

You have seen the incredible dressmaking designs change over the years; just look at the movies. Movies are a great way to see dressmaking designs from different time periods. Look at moves such as King Arthur and Gone with the Wind, to My Fair Lady and modern day with 27 Dresses. Even today with the advent of reality TV, we can see new fashion as its being created by top designers by looking at programs such as Project Runway, The Cut, and Launch My Line. Have you ever seen those shows and thought, “I can do better than them, I have great dress ideas” or, “If they change this or that, it would make that dress so much better’? Dressmaking design is a competitive field for those with a passion for fashion and a flair for style. If you can sketch or sew a dress, you probably have the basics; you just need formal training with dressmaking design courses to gain the skills to become a professional dressmaking designer.

Dressmaking design courses, certification and associate's degrees can be found easily by researching any of the schools we list below. We have updated information regarding schools in your area so you don’t waste time searching everywhere. Typically dressmaking classes can range in time from a few months to a few years depending if you are getting a certificate or degree. Dressmaking designers can create dresses as simple as sheath designs to dresses as intricate as prom, beauty contest or wedding dress designs. Imagination is the key and will be your only limitation, if you cannot imagine the design, you can’t make it.

There will be a variety of things you will learn so you can be at the top of your game such as:

  • Identifying fibers and fabrics
  • Selecting the correct material for your projects
  • Marking, cutting and tacking fabrics for the perfect fit
  • Finishing garments
  • Creating patterns and pattern alterations
  • Trims and laces
  • Drapes folds and pleats
  • Customer service
  • History of design
  • Sketching out your designs
  • Fashion trends

With sewing machine, bolt of cloth, trim and lace in hand along with your trusty sketch pad, you can find work with a Fashion Design Studio, Tailor, Wedding Dress Boutique, Dry Cleaners offering alterations, Large Apparel Stores and Specialty Boutiques. You can even start your own studio designing dresses of all makes such as prom dresses, wedding dresses or simple everyday fashions. If you only wish to enhance a hobby with these new skills, you can create unique designs for yourself or friends or even sell for a little spending money. Design and sew your way to a colorful future. Take that first step and find the perfect dressmaking course today!


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