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Are you a computer whiz who hopes to earn a living doing what you are good at? Do you enjoy pecking away at your computer for long periods of time and take great pride in seeing what you can create? Desktop publishing will allow you to use the computer, along with a variety of software, to create visual displays of information and ideas. Depending upon where you are employed, your desktop publishing documents may be used for electronic distribution, for desktop printing, or for commercial printing. You may find yourself working with email newsletters, blogs, ebooks, the internet, PDF files, designing websites, or slide shows. It is also likely that you will be working with a variety of publishing platforms to accommodate for venues such as tablets and smartphones. Your career starts with a desktop publishing course from an accredited school.

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To become a desktop publisher you will need to complete your associate of applied science degree. The coursework in this degree program will teach students how to use specific computer software to design pages, create a page layout, to write and to edit; each of these aspects will be taught in reference to a print publication as well as a web publication. Depending upon the learning institution you choose to attend, you may also be required to complete an internship and a portfolio. This will allow you the opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency in developing and producing corporate documents in a real world setting. Upon completion of an associate’s degree program you will be well-versed in the use of programs such as Illustrator, FrameMaker, and InDesign. It is also possible for you to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in desktop publishing. While the coursework in this degree program is much the same as that of an associate’s degree program, you can expect the coursework to be presented at a more advanced level. In addition, students may be required to complete elective type courses related to art and design along with major classes. Take a moment and research any of the schools that you see listed on the site; they will then take a moment and send you a free information packet regarding your educational career path.

With some sort of a formal degree in desktop publishing under your belt, you can also pursue a career as an electronic publisher, a desktop publishing editor, a publication specialist, an image designer, a layout artist, or a web publication designer. It is important to note that many of these popular occupations have similar job responsibilities and rates of pay. Get your questions answered by any of the design schools listed below!

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