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Are you a computer geek? Do you love all things technology? Are you only going to be happy and fulfilled if your career path is related to this knack that you have? If you said yes to each of these questions then you should consider pursuing a career in computer graphics. In your work environment you will likely be collaborating with a team; it will be important that you can effectively communicate with your team regarding what the client wants. Depending upon your place of employment, your team may consist of art directors, copywriters, production artists, set designers, and computer programmers.

You may find yourself working to create visual designs for items such as vehicles, billboards, letterheads, posters, marketing materials related to television or the movies, or presentations. No matter which type of item you are working on for a client it will be important that you listen to what your client has in mind, incorporate their ideas into your designs, and work until your client is satisfied with what you have produced. Get that computer graphics degree you always wanted and get started now!

Computer Graphics Colleges

To be eligible to work in computer graphics you will be able to choose between pursuing your associate’s degree, your bachelor’s degree, or your master’s degree. No matter which of these degree programs you elect as an appropriate educational path for you, you will be learning about two dimensional and three dimensional designs, as well as about animation techniques. Of course, depending upon which degree program you pursue will greatly influence the extent to which you study these components. You can expect to begin by taking introductory courses in computer graphics. This will teach you about how to use specific computer software to portray your two dimensional and three dimensional drawings.

You will also learn about texturing and shading within this course. While specific coursework will vary from one learning institution to another, you will probably also be required to take classes in interactive computer graphics, computer animation and additional computer graphics courses. You will also be expected to complete a practicum before you obtain your diploma. This is intended to give you the opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge in a real world setting. Feel free to look at any of the schools you see listed on our site and request that they send you a free information packet. This will likely help you be better informed as you make a decision regarding your education.

Other popular career choices relative to computer graphics would be to work as an animator, a cartoonist, or as a desktop publisher. According to research, employment in this industry is expected to continue to grow through the year 2016. Research the computer graphics classes shown below from any of the colleges.

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