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Are you interested in working in the industry of animation and cartooning? Well, look no further! Below, you can find the most pertinent information related to this occupation so that you can begin traveling your dream career path now! Animators and cartoonists typically work in many different settings, such as publishing, advertising, or large motion picture studios. If you do not see yourself working in any of these settings, it would also be possible for you to work on a freelance basis to establish a name for yourself.

Although it is common for animators to specialize in one type of animation, you will likely still be working with a group of people in your company. In order for your team to consistently achieve success, you will be required to be an effective communicator and a team player. You may find that you have strength for an area and frequently work just in that specific area, such as hand-drawn animation, backgrounds, computer modeling, character design, clay animation, or storyboarding. It is important to note that each of these aspects goes into a particular animation; therefore each component is critical to the overall end product. Start your animation degree today!

Animation Class Training

While not all employers require that their animators have a formal degree, it is highly advised due to the fierce competition in this industry. In today’s job market, a flair for art and technology may not sufficiently sustain you. It is common for aspiring animators to pursue a degree program related to fine art, art history, or another area of art. Regardless of which of these you choose, you will be working to gain a thorough understanding of the basic principles of design and also the technical skills that will be needed on the job. Some students also attend art school as a part of their educational training. This gives them the chance to work on technique and to further work on building their portfolio. Feel free to research any of the schools shown on our site and request a free information packet from them.

With your formal training and knowledge in animation it would be possible for you to pursue work in the design department for video gaming, in computer software graphics, or with an advertising firm. It would also be possible for you to work as an independent contractor who works for different employers when they need something completed. Keep in mind, in many venues a cartoonist is thought to have a similar job function as an animator. Any of the accredited schools below offer animation classes allowing you to get started based on your career goals.

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