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How to Start Your Animation Training

Animation is an art that has brought smiles to the faces of many for years. And, for anyone interested in an animation degree, they are likely well aware that it is much more than the creating and drawing of characters. The interested student doesn’t have to be an artist. The objective of the course work is to teach the student basic and advanced drawing techniques with the paper, pencil, and computer technology. Animation degrees are taking many graduates into the world of videogame companies, computer animation studios, and into the corporate world of marketing and media departments. Get started today and work hard to get that dream job in the animation industry.

The course work does not just evolve around sketching and drawing principles and techniques. It also includes interacting with clients, how to work in a team environment, and how to create storyboards. Computer software is also involved and taught. And, the teaching of how to adapt to new programs will also be a part of the coursework. The student will learn to create characters and to create a story for the character and to animate it using the latest technology. This is definitely a career that is exciting so find the perfect animation college today to get started on your training.

Animation Class Training

Students will be able to do most of their coursework over the computer from what is called a lab station, which are available for students to use for this purpose. Students will often be judged on their work from other students as well as work on projects together. Once the student graduates, they will be fully prepared to enter the industry, taking their creative talent to the top. Some of the opportunities they will have will be to:

  • Analyze and to develop solutions to design problems
  • Create 2D and 3D assets
  • Collaborate as a productive team member
  • Create and manage projects from concept through implementation with understanding and knowledge of the multiple roles within the production process
  • Able to apply key concepts
  • Collaborate as a productive team member, assuming a variety of roles throughout the program of study;

Everyday tasks that you may be involved in are:

  • You will be drawing storyboards and creating models
  • Designing the set for the animation including background, objects and its environment.
  • Creating characters
  • Creating frames
  • Constructing the animated characters movement and making sure that it meets the script and soundtrack requirements
  • Using computer software, including Flash, Lightwave, Maya, and other software
  • Work in a team environment
  • Work with clients


Computer Animation Program Levels