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Introduction to Home Automation Installation

Introduction to Home Automation Installation

You will gain valuable skills that you’ll need in order to service and troubleshoot any home system including audio and video, computers, electrical, HVAC, satellite as well as home alarm systems. This is a hot career right now and our program doesn’t require any pre-requisites ore previous experiences in the field. Your program includes 30 lessons including one on Digital Home technology:

Section III: Digital Home Technology Integrator

  • DHTI Basics
  • Home Computer Networks - Install & troubleshoot
  • Distributed Audio Basics - Terminology & Components
  • Distributed Audio - Install & troubleshoot
  • Distributed Video Basics - Signal & Cable types & Satellite
  • Home Communication Systems - Design, install & troubleshoot
  • Security System Basics
  • Security Systems - Design & Install
  • Maintaining Home Surveillance Systems
  • Home Lighting Basics
  • Home Lighting Interfaces and Control Systems
  • HVAC, Power Protection, Home Control Troubleshooting

You’ll learn about structured wiring and computer hardware and software, home lighting and telecommunications plus a whole lot more. Once done you will have earned 9 credits that you can apply toward your Cleveland Institute of Electronics AAS Computer Degree!