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Industrial Electronics with PLC Technology

Industrial electronics with PLC Technology

Learn to program and troubleshoot PLCs! CIE's Industrial Electronics with PLC Technology course was revised to include lessons on Programmable Logic Controllers, Servo Motors, Servomechanisms, PLC programming and PLC troubleshooting. This distance learning course provides a thorough understanding of industrial electronics and essential troubleshooting techniques necessary to maintain, repair and program a wide array of industrial electronic equipment including robotics, servos and programmable logic controllers. In addition, students graduate with the ability to read and understand many different types of schematics and operational manuals.

You will learn about AC and DC circuit theory, how to identify components, robotics, programmable logic controllers, PLC programming, PLC troubleshooting, servomechanisms, servo motors, how to work with printed circuit boards, systematic troubleshooting and more!

So what is PLC? PLC is a programmable logic controller which controls industrial equipment. It is mainly used in manufacturing controls. When you take this class you’ll learn about PLC programming but also how to troubleshoot, servo motors, servomechanisms. Be sure to ask Cleveland Institute of Electronics about their textbook buyback program. Many of the lessons or modules in this course include textbooks that qualify for our buyback program.