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Broadcasting Engineering

Broadcast Engineering – New HDV Lessons

What a great program. CIE's distance education Broadcast Engineering course was built to provide you with what it will take to be successful in broadcast engineering. Work toward your new career in TV or radio and learn about new and emerging technology. When you are 100% completed with the program you’ll have obtained two professional trade certifications, both the CET and CTB. Research Cleveland Institute of Technology today for your broadcast engineering needs.

If you need to know how to install HDV editing system or lighting for HDV then this is your course. Learn how to edit and use 3D images and animations. You’ll learn about topics such as how to identify components, working with circuit boards including systematic troubleshooting. Learn about satellite compunctions, cellular radio as well as terrestrial microwave communication systems.

The broadcasting engineering course also includes a study guide to so you can prepare for the CET (Certified Electronics Technician) exam. You can also early your CBT from the Society of Broadcast Engineers. It is a great organization that can help you from everything ranging from industry links to job leads.

The program has 95 lessons and 20 credit hours are awarded to you upon completion that can count towards your AAS degree from CEI.

You’ll learn topics such as:

  • Local-Area Networks
  • Wide-Area Networks & the Internet
  • Digital Modulation and Modems
  • Television Fiber Optics
  • Satellite Communication
  • Cellular Radio
  • Personal Communication Systems
  • Paging & Wireless Data Networking
  • Fiber-Optics
  • Choosing an HDV Camcorder
  • Installing and Configuring an HDV Editing System
  • Operating an HDV Camcorder
  • Lighting for HDV
  • Working with 3D Animation & Effects
  • Delivering HDV Content
  • Parallel Circuits
  • Equivalent Circuits
  • Thinking Circuits and Automatic Switches
  • Relays and Robots
  • Scientific Notation
  • Units of Measure
  • Inductance
  • Phasors and Formulas