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Associate in Applied Science in Software Engineering

Associate in Applied Science In Software Engineering

The AAS in Software Engineering is a great program offered by CIE. If you don’t have any prior computer or engineering experience then don’t worry, we will teach you everything needed to be successful in this field. As a software engineer you’ll be in great company as you work in the field as a computer systems analyst or software publisher. You’ll learn about Java, C++ as well as Visual Basic and other scripting languages. Let Cleveland Institute of Electronics train you in software engineering.

Your Basic Course Includes Topics in:

Computer Science Engineering Core

  • The Introduction to Computers
  • Learn about Operating Systems
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Receive an Introduction to Microsoft Office
  • Javascript and Database Management
  • SQL & Database Management Systems

Computer Programming

  • Programming with HTML
  • Learn Visual Basic
  • C Programming Language and C++ Programming
  • Java Programming

General Education

  • Applied Ethics
  • Learn about Technical Writing I & II
  • General Psychology
  • Get an Introduction to Sociology
  • Strategies for Success
  • Learn Career Management

Basic Sciences

  • Train in Algebra andTrig I & II and Physics I