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Associate in Applied Science in Electronic Engineering

Associate in Applied Science in Electronic Engineering Technology

CIE's distance learning Associate in Applied Science in Electronic Engineering Technology Degree is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education in electronics troubleshooting and theory. Graduates qualify for service as senior technicians and engineering assistants, working independently or as part of a team of engineers, in the manufacturing, design, or research & development fields. In addition, they will also master the use of electronics equipment and components with over 300 laboratory exercises and experiments.

CIE's distance learning Electronics Engineering course is an advanced-level course designed for technicians and engineers who want a deeper understanding of electronic circuits and advanced mathematics. Learn to master the following topics: Solving Linear Equations, Digital Switching Units, Solid State Design, AC Circuit Analysis, Natural Logarithms, Satellite Communications, Digital Communications, Antennas, DC Motors and Efficiency of Electrical Machines, Three Phase Circuits and Transformers & more!

Cleveland Institute of Electronics’ distance learning Broadcast Engineering course is designed to provide the specialized knowledge required for a career as a broadcast engineering technician at an AM or FM radio station or at a TV station. This course is also valuable for the cable television technician who must maintain and repair studio equipment. Broadcast Engineering explores important theories and principles related specifically to broadcasting, but because it does not contain any laboratory work, it is best suited to those students who already have some previous education or practical experience in electronics.