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Do you have an artistic flair that you would love to share with the world? Are you currently weighing out your educational and career options so that
Do you know that you belong in a career in the world of business? Are you not yet sure in what capacity you plan to enter this exciting, fast-paced
Do you consider yourself to be a computer geek? Are you most comfortable sitting at your keyboard, pecking away for hours on end? Can you accomplish
Are you interested in all things related to communications? Do you have a natural flair for literature, language, and design? If you have a
Has it always been a dream of yours to prepare exotic, tasty meals for people? Do you practically know your way around the kitchen with your eyes closed?
Have you been thinking about pursuing a degree in liberal arts? Are you completely unsure as to whether completing this type of degree program
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Do you think you want to be a teacher? Do you think you can handle delivering valuable information to a group of students who have a broad range of
Did someone recently suggest that you consider becoming an architectural engineer? Are you now considering this exciting career path, but you feel
Do you feel that you have what it takes to succeed with a career in the healthcare industry? Are you almost positive that this career path will be
Do the inner workings of the human mind intrigue you? Is it your nature to analyze even the simplest of daily decisions and functions that a person
Are you ready to begin working on your post-secondary education? Do you consider yourself to be the type of student who just simply
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